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1lb small red potatoes sliced in chunks (I prefer skin on)

1 large clove fresh garlic

1 Tbl fresh rosemary leaves

2 large dollops of fat free Greek Yogurt (approx. ¼- ½ cup)

Salt and Pepper to Taste


Put potatoes and garlic clove in a saucepan

and cover with cold water.  Add salt.


Cover pot and bring potatoes and garlic clove to boil.

Cook until potatoes are fork tender.


Before draining pot, reserve 1 cup of the starchy water.


Drain pot and put potatoes and garlic glove back into hot pot.


Add rosemary leaves, salt and pepper and mash potatoes, adding some starchy water as needed.


Add in yogurt and mash until potatoes are desired consistency.


Goes really well with Herb Encrusted Honey Mustard Pork Chops and Pan Gravy.


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Fat Free Mashed Potatoes!

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